Text messages to Dad on the morning of going skiing for the first time with school in France for a week...
Rosie: "About to go off in the car in 15 mins. Promise to get you a present (an ironic one if possible) and very excited. Painted my nails red trying to calm down... It didn't work. Excited, Excited, EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Holly: "Heyyyylooooooww  H here. Am trying to deal with boredom and excitement at the same time! Wasn't sure that was possible! Am also trying not to read the books on me kindle as will probably be doing that for the next 3 days!"

National Trust Concert


It appears that Holly is still at an age at which she sweetly assumes that if she joins the Middle School Choir and commits to performing at the cathedral after school on Tuesday 10th, then her parents will not need to be told, benefiting from parental omniscience.

Of course she is deluded.

Consequently we have only just heard about this commitment and have not seen (or at least attended to, believing them to be irrelevant) any letters about it.

May we please ask for the timings and locations of dropping off and picking up, as well as the expected dress?

Thank you for your help, and our apologies for not being the all-seeing hyperbeings that our daughter expects.


 Jim and Tamsin Cromwell