In case we forget, here is a lexicon of hugs we have evolved:

SQUONK. A squonk, traditionally delivered in bed first thing in the morning, is when a child lies full-weight on you such that no part of her touches the bed. Traditionally accompanied with a cry of, "SQUONK!"

CLIXBY. A clixby is a cuddle employing all four limbs in the manner of a koala. Usually the child does the clinging but it will not be long until the roles will be reversed. Daddy plans to achieve his first clixby delivery on Holly or Rosie's wedding day.

MAZZAZOOZYNUN. Historically an onomatopoeic word to indicate the utter blissful contentment of a good snuggle, mazzazoozynun has evolved to become a term for any cuddle evoking womblike levels of snug.