How to Fight Climate Change: Figure Out Who's to Blame, and Sue Them

There is a (miserable but) brilliant article in Wired today.

In a climate “tutorial” that was part of the California cities’ lawsuit in March, Chevron’s attorney Ted Boutrous didn’t attempt to deny a single thing about the physics and chemistry of climate change, or even that human activity caused it. He just said it didn’t make sense to blame oil companies. Burning hydrocarbons doesn’t kill people; people burning hydrocarbons kills people.
We don’t know what will happen, but no one thought tobacco litigation would succeed, and that completely changed public health policy
“The future is here,” Herring says. It’s a future of terrifying disasters—and a future where scientists know more about the underpinnings and mechanics of those disasters. But maybe most importantly, it’s a future where you can attribute a cause. It’s a future where you can ascribe fault.

And that means you can sue the people responsible.