Why America is the World's First Poor Rich Country

America fills me with utter terror. The absolute lack of interest the state takes in the well-being of its citizens, and the total private ownership of every service that would provide the foundation of a caring society wishing to invest in those citizens (cough... healthcare) leads to an undervaluing of human life and an over-emphasis on individual financial success. The actual ability for an individual to become successful (which in American English is synonymous with wealthy) is a dream bordering on delusion. The American Dream. As Cory Doctorow said in 2014:

Human beings are the gut flora of immortal, transhuman corporations.
— BoingBoing

This is chilling in its ten-word horrific truth.

This article in Eudaimonia expands nicely on the economic system that drives this paradoxical move towards poverty-despite-wealth.

All the things that really elevate people’s quality of life — healthcare, finance, education, transport, housing, and so on — have come to consume such a large share of the average household’s income that they have little left to save, invest, or spend on anything else. And what’s worse, while the basics of life have seen massive inflation, wages and incomes (not to mention savings and benefits and safety nets and opportunities) for most have stagnated. The result is an economy — and a society — that’s collapsing... Predatory capitalism coupled with total economic mismanagement of social investments has made the basics of life ruinously unaffordable.
— Umair Haque, Eudaimonia

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