Carlsberg glues beer cans together becoming first brewery to abandon plastic rings

The technology has the support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which has hailed it as a “big step” in efforts to tackle the worsening global scourge of plastic pollution.

Head of sustainability at Carlsberg, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, said once the Snap Packs are rolled out worldwide the company will reduce its plastic use by 1,200 tonnes a year - the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags. “It’s a little bit of magic,” he said of the design. “It’s glued together so you can’t actually see the packaging. It’s almost not there, and that is what is extremely exciting from a sustainability perspective.”

Carlsberg’s vice president of product development, Myriam Shingleton, said she wanted the glue to become the new packaging norm.
— Telegraph 07/09/18