Ancient Beech in Ill-considered Leggings

A return to a tree in Danes' Wood I'd only seen out of leaf, and which was hard to find with the wood in its summerwear. Turns out it's a beech and I can't tell my arse from my arbour.

Surprisingly tricky, requiring quite a lot of repositioning in order to get a good enough line for several of the re-pitches, but each stage was quite short.

The tree branches considerably all the way up, so there are a lot of choices to make, but once at the top you can move from place to place relatively easily with a long lanyard to play with. Also - great for limbwalking.

Inevitably I'd climbed about one metre higher than my rope would allow for a return to ground, and because of being too lazy to climb up and move my anchor point, I ended up using my lanyard to unclip from my zig-zag and drop to earth with my foot ascender still attached. Getting cramp in your supporting leg while trying to detach from a foot-ascender is both hilarious and agonising in equal measure.