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Treetop Drone Retrieval

Good drones do not come cheap, but that sycamore doesn’t care that your DJI Inspire 2 cost you ten thousand pounds.

I am a recreational technical tree climber (climbing trees with arboreal climbing gear) and have all the equipment and expertise to navigate tall trees.

If you need a hand retrieving your valuable drone from a tree, make an enquiry on my Enquiry Form. Once we have discussed the job, I can be booked on the Booking Form to the right. I charge £250 for a successful recovery and 45p per mile from Exeter EX2.

Terms & Conditions

  • I charge £250 plus 45p per mile for a successful recovery.

  • While I will take every care not to further damage your drone, a successful recovery means one in which you get your drone back in whatever condition it is in in the tree.

  • I cannot be responsible for further accidental damage to the drone.

  • I cannot guarantee retrieval. Some trees are unsafe to climb and some places within trees are impossible to lay a hand on. If your drone remains in the tree after all reasonable attempts to rescue it have been made, including evaluation of the prospective climb, I will charge mileage but waive the recovery fee.

  • You are responsible for securing permission from the landowner for the tree to be climbed.

  • I am responsible for my own safety. You are responsible for yours.

  • A request made via the Booking Form on this page constitutes a contract.

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Complete this form only after discussing the job with Jim.

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