The Tooth Fairy

Holly lost her first tooth yesterday. This morning she woke up Mummy and Daddy with her special fairy tooth-pillow saying that she wanted to share the experience of looking to see if the tooth fairy had visited.

Mummy and Daddy both immediately picture the pound coin on the ledge in the kitchen, which they had carefully reserved for the tooth fairy yesterday afternoon and which now, still, lay right there.

"Well... let's both do a wee first because... the... it... it's always nicer to look to see if the tooth fairy has been if you don't need a wee..."

For goodness sake...... OH! She bought it completely!

So while Mummy and Holly both do a wee with lots of loud chatting to announce their location and / or imminent arrival, Daddy sprints naked downstairs to grab the money and back upstairs to shove it into the magic pillow, panics that he can't find the tooth, and jumps back into bed feigning sleep.

Mummy had already flushed the tooth. And the illusion was complete.