Copied from Jim's email to friends and family on the day:

Joined Tamsin on the post/antenatal ward.
Anti-embolism stockings. Lovely. Tamsin, not me.
Went down to delivery suite. Sat about. Decorated room with inflated examination gloves.
Into theatre. Tamsin prepped for spinal. Needle in Anaesthetist's hand. Knock on door - "We have an emeregency breech. She needs to be off the table now." Tamsin gets off the table and we return to our little room.
Jim fashions crude antenna from foil pisspot. Shoves into back of telly.
We watch Santa Claus The Movie. Bloody awful.
Back into theatre. Lots of people. Anaesthetist tells me I look like some bloke. "Who's that?" "He plays cricket for Australia." Well of course I knew that.
"Waah!" Hello Holly. Holly wrapped in tea towel and slung under a grill. Approximately 4.5lbs.
"Waah!" Hello Rosie. Rosie wrapped in tea towel and stuck under her own grill. Approximately 4.5lbs. Rosie expresses dissatisfaction by voiding bowels mid-procedure. If you don't like references to bowel movements you'd better get used to them. We got babies. That's all we're going to talk about.
Jim slung out while they suppositorise, catheterise and cross-stitch his wife. Goes for a sandwich.
Jim visits neonatal unit where twins are in incubators. Awww! Gorgeous! Notices "Rosie" is clean as a whistle and "Holly" is caked in baby poo. Hmm. They seem to have switched them. Chooses to overlook it. Say nothing, it won't be the last time... They are both breathing by themselves with next to no additional oxygen - 24% or something. One of those rugby-player nasal strips would have the same effect.
Can't find wife. Finds her hidden in paediatric recovery unit. Grown-up recovery full of all the emergency section mums who caused us to watch Santa Claus The Movie.
Jim goes back to special care to see twins. Still too soon to do anything unnatural and freakish like, you know, actually touch them, but can't get enough of counting fingers and comparing relative volumes of baby noses and tip of adult little finger. Spends rest of day wondering what to do and feeling too bewildered to answer any phone calls. Sorry!