Jack, Jill

It's early in the mourning and Jack and his sister,Jill, sneak out of the house to fetch a pail of water.

Jill (sings):Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water,Jack fell down and broke his crown and I came tumbling after.Up Jack got and home he ran to fix his head with vinigar and brown paper.
Jack: I hope I don't break my crown again.
Jill:Of course you won't silly.
Jack:If you say so but I still think we should have left Mum a note because she always goes crazy when we don't leave a note.

They were half way up the hill when they heard a shout from below them.

Mum (shouts):Jack,Jill don't go up the hill to get some water you'll hurt yourselves and now we have running water.
Jack:WHAT we trudge all the way up here through the snow for no reason.
Jill (giggles): I knew.
Jack (crys):you made me.
Jill:No. I wanted you to join me sledging down the hill.

Afew minutes later.

Jack and Jill:WEEEEEE!!!
Mum (shreiks):What on earth are you doing?
Jill (breathless and giggling):It's called having fun.
Jack (crossly):Mum we are sledging and it's a world of fun.Argh.

Jack falls of the sledge and tumbles down the hill.

Mum:Don't say I didn't warn you.
Jill:Does it hurt?
Jack:It does (added) a lot.Mum can you fix it?
Mum:Yes I can. Jill go and get the vinigar and brown paper.

Created and published by Rosie