We've been pretty sleepless for the past few months. Ugh. One or other (though Rosie, more often than not) is up in the night and needed between 20 minutes and an hour of cuddling to get back to sleep. Or so we thought. Reaching the end of our tether last Saturday we reached instead for Christopher Green's "Toddler Taming" - something Daddy had been resisting for a long time. So Saturday night we "ignored" the screaming for ten minutes, went in, picked up, crying stopped, put down, crying started, we walked out and "ignored" again for 12 minutes. Then 14. 16. Then 18. By 20 minutes it had stopped, though this amounted to some considerable crying time. Next morning, instead of crying for us to fetch them, we found both monkeys sitting quietly in their beds fiddling with teddies!

And the following night they slept through.

And tonight....?

Rather more cutely: nursery recently changed their nap place from cots to little mattress rolls on the floor. They put Rosie and Holly to bed on their mats and sneaked out. Then when they went back in, Rosie Woo had crawled over and climbed into bed with Holly!