Reception Reports - Rosie

Name:Rosie Cromwell
Date of Birth: 24-12-2001 Class: RM
Date: July 2007

Topics covered:
Autumn: Myself/My family and Special days Spring: Our Environment/ Materials Summer: Plants/Animals

Language and literacy (Speaking and listening, reading and comprehension, spelling handwriting):
Rosie has a wide-ranging vocabulary. She listens attentively. When asked to talk about her work, she reports back clearly and concisely. She speaks freely when involved in play with her friends, both in the classroom and in the playground. She is capable of making interesting comments to discussions and question times. Rosie enjoys reading books and stories and is often seen looking at them independently and with peers during the session. She is willing to predict what happens in a story and will discuss options and outcomes confidently. She has a growing knowledge of phonics and is using this skill to identify names and familiar words. She recognizes and can read most of the high frequency words. Rosie enjoys writing and willingly produces work, which is imaginative and interesting.

Mathematical development:
Rosie has demonstrated an excellent understanding of basic mathematical concepts through many games and practical activities. She listens carefully and participates fully in oral maths sessions. She understands new concepts quickly and easily, and is able to think logically through problem solving situations. She frequently knows the correct answers to mathematical problems and will share her knowledge with other children. She has a sound knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. She is able to add and subtract simple numbers without help. She recognizes patterns and can recreate interesting patterns of her own .She demonstrate an understanding of length, mass and capacity in practical activities.

Knowledge and understanding of the world (this includes science, technology, history and geography):
Rosie enjoys exploring the surroundings both indoors and outdoors. She can explain basic differences and similarities when questioned, through handling a range of items. She can give accurate explanations of the properties of materials. She understands the conditions necessary for growth through observation of the nature table, and has learned about the life cycles of animals and insects. She has extended his knowledge of the local environment through topic work and has made simple maps. She is developing a sense of a passage of time and is capable of relating it to significant events in her life. She has used the various programmes on the computer with interest and competence. Rosie has constructed interesting models using construction kits, cards, dough, and recycled materials.

Physical Development:
Rosie's fine motor control is excellent and she is able to use pens, pencils and scissors etc accurately, producing work of quality. She is confident when using large apparatus and is aware of the need for safety for herself and other children. She listens carefully to instructions and carries them out effectively. She is developing general personal control and uses space well. She has taken part in dancing, play, music and movement, and is making very good progress in swimming.

Creative development (including music):
Rosie has good creative skills and confidently uses a range of resources, and can use her own initiative to work independently. She has expressed her ideas using a variety of materials. She is happy to work collaboratively in groups situations and will share her ideas with other children. She has made complex models using the small apparatus as well as recycled materials. She takes pride in her work, which is often shared with the whole class. Her work is frequently used for displays within the class. She participates in domestic role-play games and is happy to be involved with other children. In music, she frequently contributes ideas to the lesson showing that she listens carefully.

Personal and social and emotional development (includes RE):
Rosie has settled into the school routine very quickly and soon made new friends. She willingly attends new activities and always tries hard to achieve with her best efforts. She is very popular with her peers, and has a sensible mature attitude towards any given task. She is trustworthy and reliable. She has made excellent all round progress during the year. She has listened the story from the Bible and other Holy books, and has learnt about the festivals and practices of some of the major religions. Rosie is an intelligent, lively and delightful child. It has been a pleasure to have her in the class.

Number of attendances: 306/308 Attendance in % 99.4
Number of unauthorised absences: none
Possible number of attendances till: 25 May 2007
Punctuality: Excellent