School, biting, and being sad...

We start school in September. Streatham and Clapham High - 'Little Trees'. We can't stop talking about it, and about being Big Girls, but Holly recently admitted to feeling frightened of her new school. When they had a trial morning a few months ago, they had a drink and chocolate biscuit (which Holly remembers as lunch). But she does not like chocolate biscuits really and is worried that she'll have to eat them. Probably every day.

Also, and probably related, Holly has had a couple of weeks of biting other children at nursery. When we sat with her recently to talk about it, we said "Who did you bite today?" To which she replied "Not Gabby." She still misses Gabby, and we suspect that she is being left out by other children, including possibly Rosie. One of her favourite nursery nurses leaves soon as well.

Yesterday she managed to be nice, and enjoy herself, all day and was consequently rewarded with a pair of enormous knickers with princesses on.