Best Friends and Aliens

Once upon a time in place not very far from here, there lived two best friends, who were called Emily and Jane. They did not know that they would soon be heroes and that is what this story is about. So here it is. One frosty Saturday morning the two best friends were making a snowman, while their parents read books and made breakfast, when Jane saw something strange in sky above. It was round and it was heading straight for them. They jumped out of the way just in time. The thing landed it was a … SPACESHIP! The doors opened and the two girls were sucked into the dark spaceship.

The girls scrambled to their feet, Emily screamed, Jane fainted for there, glowering at them was a tall, thin, hairy, ugly looking, grumpy alien.”Do do dad or car” said the alien (translated it says “you are now my slaves and I will destroy your planet”).

Not knowing what to do Jane realized she was clutching the stick that had been the snowman’s arm. She whacked the alien on the head while Emily pressed buttons and finally she opened the doors and they slid out. Afterwards Jane found out that she had killed the last of the killer romps (which ate people).

The End

By Rosie