A Fangy Mistory - by Rosie

Warning:too scary children under 4 years of age and chidren who are frightened of vampires.

One day in the land of far far away there lived a young,vicious vampire.Her name we can not speak of because if we do she will bite our neck (it would turn us into vampires).She lived in a cottage with her mummy vampire,daddy vampire and brother vampire.One she had been teased by her brother and decided to show her brother that she could catch blood not just suck it out of a bowl like soup.

"Will you come over to my house?"asked you know who.

"Of course i've been trying to ask you the same thing."cried Jack in surprise.The next day Jack had gone missing he wasnt at home nor school but no person looked in the graveyard were his grave lay.His father called the mistory bunch.Only they looked in the graveyard.

"He was last seen"his father said "at Emily's house.The mistory bunch went to Emily's house and looked at her bedroom (as we know Emily is realy you know who).They found out thaqt Emily slept in a coffin.Hannah hung garlic all round the room and coffin.Two months later they heard that the Heldon family and the youngest daughter Emily Heldon was dead.Now the moment of truth you know who's real name was Clare Blood her brother's name was Sam Blood her mummy's name was Cloe Blood her father's name was David Blood.