Christmas Wish Lists

Roller Skates (with knee and elbow pads)
Toy car - remote control
Candle and candlestick and a bedside table because it is dark at night
Digital clock, or an ordinary clock with Tinkerbell on it
Doll clothes for Baby Born
Car for Baby Born
Jump thingy
Video of Batman
Toy Prince
Cat costume and cat basket
Barbie new cushion for window seat in the snug
A new bean bag
Lipstick (face paints)
Christmas decorations for my bedroom
A tiara
A new bicycle
Shoes for dressing up


A fancy dress costume of sleeping beauty
A hobby horse
A rag doll
Toy house
Some Christmas toys about Santa
A baby seat for Baby Annabel
A new umbrella
An alarm clock - Snow White
Some new shoes like slippers for proper
A new pink dress and a white new dress (flowergirl)
A padlock diary
A watch that lights up when...
A new bicycle

These are verbatim. Make of them what, if anything, you will....!