Missing friends

Holly was in disgrace at nursery today. When Daddy arrived to collect, she was in Baby Room, having called people names and hit other children and staff in the face. On the way home she was beside herself because she had lost her hairband. When we got out of the car she burst into tears again as she walked into the house. Daddy sat down with her:
  • What's the matter Pickle...?
  • (silence)
  • You're very upset and I want to be able to help sort it out...
  • (silence) Ohene pushed me.
  • Oh lovey. Why did he push you?
  • (silence)
  • Did you do something to Ohene?
  • I wanted to go home.
  • I don't understand why that makes Ohene push you...?
  • Gabby wasn't at nursery!
(Gabby was Holly's best friend and she went to another nursery at the end of last week.) Holly curled up in a tearful ball on Daddy's lap. Intermission to watch the end of The Jungle Book.
  • I don't want Mowgli to go back to the Man Village.
  • But he has made a new friend with the little girl.
  • (sullen face) And Baloo has made a new friend with Bagheera as well.
  • That's right. So everyone makes a new friend and it is all OK...