The Detectives of Growlery House - by Rosie

Two cousins moved into a huge house in london which was called Growlery House.The professor, a small man whith a very long white beard helped them become detectives.So they set up a buisness just the three of them.This is the story of their first assignment.

His name is John Mcmillin. Her name is Stephanie Harrison. Together they make the Detectives of Growlery House.
"John look at this!"bawled Steph.
"No."yelled John,"And just 'cause you're the oldest doesn't mean you can boss me around like a big sister 'cause you're my cousin not my big sister." Annoyed Steph yelled "Well I won't tell you the big news!"
"Come on!!! I didn't mean it Steph." cried John.
" I think you've forgotten that The Professor told us to use code names when speaking of assignments." scolded Steph"Ecpecailly as this is to do with a robbery of the crown jewls!"
"But... Oh alright" Argued John.







Girl with many faces


Master of Shadows


These are TOP SECRET Docouments if these fall into the wrong hands they could be used to destroy the world. If you lose it and suspect that they were stolen by a criminal call 123456 334 555.

Snake sighed, Wolfie had explained her long and complicated plan. Her plans usually went wrong ,he recalled.He trudged through the mud until he got to the mueseum.There he met Wolfie on the grand steps (that led to the entrance) silloueted in the half-light.She took from her brown leather satchel (that she carried everywere) a smallish ball of thread.Snake took some split-pins (that he had hidden in his pocket) and Wolfie gave him the thread.Then he split-pinned the thread into his back pocket.Then found the end and tied it to a piller. They then endoured the whole security process; of bag searching and X-raying.

No one noticed the almost transparant thread gliding out from the ball of thread in Snake's pocket.Then they went to the greek section and desabled all the cameras.Then they waited until the musem closed.Silently, they set off.When they got to a split in the corridor, Wolfie went right and Snake went left.This was no accident, this way they could search the muesem in half time. Snake did not like this at all the muesem started seeming like a necropolis,a city of the dead.The wax-works, strangely human like, stared at him with blank eyes.He shot into some shadows; he had heard whispering.Not like the wind, human whispers. Inching slowly forword Snake saw a boy and a girl both half engulfed in shadow.A shiver ran down his spine.Then Snake noticed Wolfie peeking round the oppisite corner,she was giggling at him.He was determind to not show that he was scared and stepped out of the shadow and walked silently round the Master of the shadows and The girl of many faces.They didn't notice and Snake managed to find out some valuble infomation.Then, he hurried over to Wolfie.

"We're going to the Jury's Inn at 9:00 o'clock tonight,"Snake whispered determindly to Wolfie.
"Who said that you were the leader?"she retorted ,thoroughly annoyed.
"I did. Now come on,"he answered mockingly.Wolfie said nothing she was trying to think of a very clever argument but couldn't find the words.
All she could think of was "GRRRRR" because anger was clouding up her ,rather big, brain.Snake had started walking towards the Jury's Inn.
"I said come on,Stephanie." he called over his shoulder. He was several yards away now.
"I will if you quit calling me that." cried a disgruntled Steph. Snake shrugged.
"Finaly,"he thought."I have managed to annoy my very bossy cousin." Then he had a brilliant idea.Eureka!
" Steph you Know Mrs Roberts registerd us for job experience.
She gave us night jobs in The Jury's Inn starting from tomorrow.She also said they didn't mind if we came early." Snake whispered just as Steph caught up with him.

That night a 9:00 they recived a warm ,if suprised,welcome.They weren't needed so sculked around for a bit.Then it was opening time,they were given some uniform to wear and told to show guests to their tables.No one execpt Snake and Steph noticed the suspects creep in the back door and on to a table completely engulfed in shadow.Now Snake was certain that they had stolen the crown jewls.Who else would creep in the back door of a pub and wear a hat pulled low down over their eyes?

Nobody Snake knew thats for sure and he knew alot of people! So he went over to the work experinence person (Mr Wat'sHisName) and asked to leave for the night. He agreed that they could leave and so they did, tailing the suspects through the night.They followed them until they disapeard in front of their eyes.
"We've got you now you good for nothin' robbers."They spun round.And there were the suspects standing over them.
"This must be a misunder standing."blurted out Wolfie."We've never stolen a thing in our lives!"
"Empty your bags and pockets."orderd one of the suspects.So out came a bag of split pins,a torch,some string,a bag of buisness cards and a couple of books on detective angencys.The suspects took a look at a buisness card and apoligized for being mistaken.Wolfie and Snake asked them to join them in buisness.
"My name is Sophia and this is Jack.Sorry about calling you robbers.We accept your offer."smiled one of the suspects.
So Wolfie and Snake had to change their chart.

These are TOP SECRET Docouments if these fall into the wrong hands they could be used to destroy the world. If you lose it and suspect that they were stolen by a criminal call 123456 334 555.

Snake sighed "That's it, then. We've got no leads."
Fox coughed "Actually we do. A name, one Dr E. Ruthman."
Suddenly Wolfie cried out keeling over, clutching her stomach.She'd been shot with a drugged dart.

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