Thamas - Splash and Cache


5/5 #100

Done it! At last! Though I couldn't have made more of a meal of this one.

I drove first to the pub in Radcot, but there were so many "PRIVATE" signs all over the place that I couldn't even bring myself to go in and ask sweetly if I could park. If only people were more forgiving about this sort of thing I'd have stopped in there afterwards for lunch, but as it was - no, I'll get a petrol station pasty!

In the end I parked at N 51 42.10 W 001 33.725, and dragged my kayak the half a kilometre over fields, in order to paddle it ten metres to the cache! Apart from the free parking, this strategy has little to recommend it!!!

The cache was easily found and securely connected to its moorings. The mark on the bridge supports where the flood water came up to is three feet above the cache! Thus, the log is quite wet. It's signable though, so I did, and allowed myself a little cheer for my century of adventure.

Thanks for the cache! I'm sure it's lovely from the pub....!

Flood markings three feet higher than cache...