Stert stream, going underground (1 of 3)


5/5 #99 of my Thames four-cache sprint to 100 today.

From my hasty reading of previous logs and difficulty understanding the cache description, I was not confident that I'd find the cache today, or even if it was in place. Happily it turned out that all was as it should be, and was quite straightforward. I parked for free in the car park to the west of causeway (having gingerly discovered that car plus kayak is taller than the 6'6" maximum height for the car park over the road!) and dragged the boat over the grass to the river, along the river eastwards and under the bridge to put in at waypoint BI, then paddled past the pub, and under the bridge in order to circle round and sneak back under the farthest arch and seamlessly into the tunnel.

The boat very soon ran aground and needed dragging to the pipe to tie off, and then it was just a walk to the red brick archway, and signing the cache! Hooray! The only difficulty was walking. The ground consists of largeish, loose, pointy stones which were no fun with surf shoes. I recommend crocs.

Then back out, feeling great and off to look for my 100th 5/5.....