One Hundred What's?

Since starting to geocache in October 2011 I've become increasingly addicted to the 5/5's. (For those who don't know, caches are rated out of five for difficulty and five for terrain.) It wasn't long before I was racking up 5/5's, so it was only natural to aim at a big number. Not that geocaching is necessarily all about the numbers. It isn't necessarily so. It just... is so. Heh.

This is a collection of the logs and images from my 100 5/5-rated geocache adventures. Browse by date in the Archive, or skip back in time one by one from post to post. I've had a lovely time, met some great people, and been to some amazing places - as well as learned a new skill or two and overcome a couple of phobias...

(Since this time I've reached 183...)