The Bu's Tunnel of Love


Cache number three of Tank's Epic Extreme Weekend 2014 'A', and number 1 today after an hour in Accident and Emergency thanks to either a) an allergic reaction to the eye ointment for conjunctivitis I bought yesterday in Whitchurch, or b) a galloping eye disease contracted from the canal I washed my hands in after completing the 'GeoBEATS' 5/5 there....! Hmm...

This one I wept and blinked my way to along the top of the ridge, then sensibly climbed down to look for the tunnel. Then irritatedly climbed up again to find it! I liked the torch. I don't know if the overall setup used to have more importance than it now does, but the torch makes it look like a toilet chain. I yanked it, rather hoping there'd be a pronounced toilet flushing noise, but no joy there.

Otherwise. A quick open and sign. I'm no fool. ;O)

Thanks for the cache.