15. The GeoBEATS (passing tools).


Disappointed that it really is trivial to cheat on this cache, as by that reckoning you could make any cache a 5/5 just by suggesting people walk on their hands within twenty feet of the cache... That said, if we discount the DNF on this morning's third visit to a 5/5 near Kidderminster, this was cache one on Tank's Tremendous Weekend of Extreme Caches, and I wasn't going to inaugurate THAT with a cache and dash!

So I swung across, making my hands dirtier than I think they've ever been. Which would not be interesting but for the fact that I was scheduled to put eye drops in my evil-looking conjunctival eyes when I got back to the car. So I rinsed them in the canal. That's ok isn't it?! There's no diseases in canals. Like... Weil's Disease. Meh.

Anyway. Lush. Thank you. Why not shove a magnet in it and put it in the middle of the bridge?