Mumma Bu - Aladdins Cave


Found, like everyone else, as part of the Bu Double!

Wondered why this one isn't hidden in the Very Appealing Obvious Titular Location, but knuckled down to the needle/haystack exercise with a light heart because the weather was tremendous and the poisoned eyes that I woke up with and took me to A&E this morning were beginning to clear up, making me look more Bear Grylls and less Bereaved Girl.

I won't moan about the rating. I'll just mention the rating in a stupidly passive aggressive way instead! The rating didn't help me find it - but the coordinates did! I thought not, initially, but eventually put my trust in them and fingertip-searched from there-out, and found it in minutes. None of the logs helped, and the spoiler of the guy looking for it after dropping it helped Not A Jot! Be warned.

Thanks for the cache.