Beastleytoo !!!



It took me a long time to not find the launch point, then Mr Wizbit100 took 90 seconds! A quick look at the image gallery confirmed the somewhat claustrophobic dive-point and we rigged up.

Mrs Wizbit took the first descent, found the cache in the only intuitive place, signed, and continued to the bottom. It was only as I had descended half way that she radioed in to announce that the field at the foot of the drop contained half a dozen large and rather intimidating bulls. Meh! Girls are so soft.....

So I signed off and posed for a celebratory photo, and rapelled down to Bull City.

Whoa! I take it all back. Them's some badass bulls! One even bellowed and kicked up dust with its head down..... I thought that only happened in cartoons! So I, er, ran to the second gate (they were guarding the first, sensible, one) and hopped over for the long walk back up, during which Mr W indulged in a breakneck Mach 5 rapelle.

This whole series from Hamish up to here has been absolutely fantastic. Thanks SO much Cache-U-Nutter for everything. For setting it all up in the first place; for not archiving the lot when you moved away; for maintaining it all; for retrieving, hiding, and telling me where you'd hidden the sunglasses I dropped and abandoned at Tip Toe Wall(!); and for the prompt, friendly, and clear help along the way.

An absolute favourite and a Definite Recommend.

Thanks again!