A Bridge Too Far


Where to start......?!

Well... We arrived at GZ, knew what we were up against, and had it all planned so we could quickly, efficiently, and unobtrusively hop over, grab it, sign it, and put it back. We eyeballed it from a vantage point to identify the optimal point at which to launch, and then I tied off a rope and flicked 10ft of business end through the gap and down towards the water.

"Well, that's the cache floating away then."

"Ha ha! Nice one."


"Christ! There it is! You were serious!"

And lo, we watched the little floaty swine bob merrily and agonizingly slowly down the bloody river. God knows how I hit it.

Mrs Wizbit went off down the bank to see if she could fish it out were it by some miracle to drift away from the centre line of the river. Only when it was virtually out of sight did it drift slowly behind a tree obscuring our view from the bridge, but we could see Mrs W's stick reflected in the river jabbing, jabbing, prodding, teasing the jar towards the bank.

We could hardly see a thing.

However, we DID hear the loud crack and splash and the suspiciously large circular waves emanating from her location.

"She's gone in..."


Hmm...! Mr W tried to raise the intrepid Mrs on the radio while I shot off downstream with the rope just in case. And there she was! Soaked to the skin having snapped a branch that was a good eight inches in diameter but, with hindsight, quite rotten, and gone straight in the river.

She had the cache though! Soaked the radio and her phone, but had the cache and, frankly, that's what counts...!

So back we went, we signed, we tied off and we put it back.

It was quite the adventure. And we didn't need to carry out the plan formulating in my mind as we watched it sailing away, which was to buy a jar of jam and notepad in the petrol station, chuck the jam down the loo, wash it out, dry it with loo roll and New Cache...... Just as well really, it was workable, but weird and stupid.

Thanks for the adventure. I had a great time. Time will tell what Wizbit100 writes in her log.....

Thanks for the cache..........

(Not my picture)