How Long man? - AA7


Can't say anything for fear of giving it away, but suffice to say that this failure to find in no way implies that others should doubt it is there. It almost certainly is.

I thought I'd just pop along and grab this in the evening yesterday. Hell, I'd done four 5/5's on Friday, and four more on Saturday, so what harm could another do before bedtime?

Lots of harm. Yesterday's log in no way illustrates the three hours I spent in the tree using all my nascent and ropey rope skills, swinging, limbwalking, and a kind of rope-over-rope hand-over-hand thingy along the underside of limbs all to no avail..! That's not to say I didn't achieve anything. I achieved two things: a sore leg (the one drawback of a pantin) and hatred of The Celts.

So back today, this time with a very explicit and helpful email from one of the hated Celts, making me hate him even more for being so damned nice. I couldn't fail.

Except I could. Up high. Down low. Spidering about all over the place. Nowt.

Let me just count how many emails passed between me and the COs while I was there... EIGHTEEN! (I swear, gentlemen, count them yourselves!) And by the eighteenth I was there!

As I said in one of them, I don't feel I really deserve to claim this, but since it's SUCH an evil cache, I absolutely totally and undeniably do.


For the cache.

And the ground support!

(Image from the cache page)