Several Species Of Small Furry Animals


Again, excellent!

It took us a short while to find the correct launch point, but it was soon found and confidently so thanks to the clear hint. I took first descent, and that's where's the Curious Series Of Events occurred. About two-thirds of the way down I found a small cache container identical to that in Have You Seen My Baby, with a Furry Animals log sheet and a log from Cache-Eh dated 15/06/12... A little further down I found a container as identical as I can imagine to that in the container image in the gallery (image dated 2011) with a replacement log from Cache-Eh and others, dated (I think) later than 2012.

Twilight Zone.....

I signed both! (Having chatted to CO, I've removed the small old container.)

Neither had the further information we expected, so thanks very much to Cache-U-Nutter for the relevant facts.

Another winner. Thanks for the cache.