Jonah's Journey


This one took an extraordinarily long time. a) The coordinates are out by a long way. b) As others have noted, the directions to start from the path at the foot of the crag was misleading (today, though I think the cache is misplaced). c) There were climbers everywhere, and I wasted some time trying to be stealthy before eventually just barging my way through them and rummaging about in all the cracks!

In the end I found the cache at the top of the cliff, within arms length of the grass on the surface - such that although I had climbed down past it, it would have been possible to see it and reach it just by lying on the grass. The last entry in the logbook was from a climber who just stumbled across it and wrote a funny message and left a Chewit! I strongly suspect that the cache has been moved from wherever it was intended to be and strongly recommend that CO check it out. I will message led after finishing this, with photos and coords.

I thoroughly enjoyed the search though, and had a great climb, so thanks for the cache.