Extreme Dore #1


I was wondering what to do about this cache. I'd seen previous logs had found an empty green tie, and I'm not a big fan of claiming a find without signing the log, but I'd come a long way from Exeter for this (amongst others) and doubted I'd be back in the area just to perform a formality...

However, the a Caching God was smiling on me because, believe it or not, I found a cache at the bottom of the tree. Totally unhidden (apart from the green webbing little case it was in.) It had several log sheets in it with lots of signatures, and looked like a cache that someone had taken a pic of previously (in the gallery) though not the green clamshell pad in other pictures.

It seems to have been missing since August and I can't believe it's been sat here unnoticed since then, but there we are. I signed it, climbed up, and clipped it securely to the green tie.

You're welcome.


Thanks for the cache.