Tavy Treasure Trail


Well I have to be honest, I began this about two years ago having read the cache page and the logs and thought to myself,

"My God people are soft. I've got all day. Let's go knock this baby off the map."

Two years later and I'm standing in the pouring rain in the middle of the night in a forest having phoned many a friend over the months, driven and hiked miles to find big Deliverance-style "PRIVATE!" signs thwarting my progress, and generally marvelled and cursed at the genius of the creator.

I love how it escalates. Particularly how Stages One to Six are in fact, gasp, Stage One! Brilliant. All of it.

The final task thwarted me, but that could easily be due to the pouring rain making it impossible to pay close enough attention, but phoning a friend rescued me, and then after what felt like hours searching in the rain I've got my hands on the final container. Fittingly, it was exactly what I was thinking at the time.

Previous finders will understand.

Thanks for an amazing cache. Obviously a favourite.