a Cracking Cache



Well, I made a meal of this. First off I had decided that "approaching from above" meant doing that from the outset, only to discover that it is quite possible to be WAY above with no way to the intended drop-zone! Then It took me an age to spot the actual launch-pad thanks to being dense, not bringing the spoiler images, and just pacing around like a loon.

And then once I got to the exact perfect crack.... it was gone. It's easy to claim that for a DNF, but I've included a pic and I'm certain it's not there. I checked up and down the length of that particular fissure but to no avail.

One for the watch list, sadly. (Fave though, regardless!)


Well, seeing the cache container had been replaced, I felt compelled to rush to it as soon as possible as I didn't fancy another abortive effort. The problem today was that I've got laryngitis and made the journey and the climb with a fever and pouring with sweat.

And I left my pen in the car.

Frankly I felt too wretched to go all the way back and fetch it, so please be satisfied with my photos of the logsheet, container, and my ugly mug.

Despite all the very good reasons why you should pity me and mop my poor brow I still had a fabulous time because the landscape is so extraordinary, and the retrieval is still great fun.

(I wondered if with a 60m rope it would be possible to secure above the first level, and rope down both descents... Didn't try it though.)

Thanks for a great cache.