Below Above - The Treacle Mine


Hold on - THAT's not a muddy hole!

We were all business-like and health-and-efficiency today, trying to run four caches simultaneously while re-deciphering and altering the routes willy-nilly to suit our varied and opposing whims. And the first thing we noticed was... it's all so... incredibly... clean! We immediately suspected that Saintly Brian the Eternally Underthanked had taken to driving around the mine in one of these.

We met him. Again. Every time.

He was walking. But still.

Anyway. We treacled around. Better torches than before and a better sense of scale and majesty. And we saw places we'd not seen before, especially when Brian took us on a little tour.

Great cache. Thank you. Email to follow with answers. We assume the answer to question 2 is not allowed to be "miner"...