Below Above - Gruidae


Well, we did everything possible to make this as seamless and straightforward as we possibly could including all the relevant surveys, local knowledge, walking it on paper first, kitting up, mystical potions and praying and sacrificing to the God of Clawz.

And off we set: 1.. 17.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 8.. 7.. 9.. 10.. A.. C.. B.. @.. 11..

The order doesn't matter. Right?! Hmm.

So when we got to the end - what we thought was the end - having diverted to grab the Earthcaches and the many and varied (and excellent) There and Back Again opencache, we found ourselves to be knackered, overburdened with codes, and failing miserably.

We took a cipher key with us too. Which is VITAL, but not as vital as taking the right one.

And, frankly, from bad planning and timing on my part, I was nursing a turtle for the entire five hours underground - and that's no picnic.

I don't care. It's my story and I'm going to tell it.

So anyway, we had to sacrifice another goat and got there this morning to finish the job. That last bit is a killer. Good luck with it!

Thank you, mysterious stranger, I'm not sure we'd have got there without you.