Earnanæs, þæs wyrmes denn


Found with staticman1.

What a tremendous cache. What can I say...? Well, in summary, I think opting out of it last time after Lasciate was a very sensible move.

This one is, to my mind, far more of a challenge, not least for the initial descent, where the bottom cannot be seen from the top and decisions need to be made on the way down which, depending on the flexibility of your setup may or may not be reversible...!

After that there's the terrifying thrutch and/or corridor of Much Height, then the short climb down where the big rocks can be dislodged.

Essentially however, the ultimate location is absolutely fab, and the twist in the dragon's tail made me smile all the way back to the rope. It was only the tricky ascent left then to wipe the smile off of my face.

Not a single bat was observed, which I thought was bit spooky. I suppose some caves are just not appealing to mammals...!

Thank you Abanazar for another amazing cache. I'm just going to have to come back now and see if I can find all of them.

All clothes remained on for the duration. As far as James was aware.