Brilliant. Loved stage 1, despite looking in the correct place first off, but not thoroughly enough so only found it after also having ransacked the surrounding area! Stage 2 was sadly in some disrepair at the time but is clearly an excellently implemented field puzzle. Final stage: great. The sling already in the tree was handy for the log signing, and the climb was enjoyable with my new pair of ascenders. The danger of this tree is indeed that it looks very temptingly climbable without gear but really really don't try! Not least due to the barbed wire fence (and associated fence poles). I carry scars from childhood from falling into a barbed wire fence and although it breaks your fall it is in no way a comfortable experience...!

Thank you FMF for your great hides and for your help with stage 2. Just a few of yours left for me now, sadly.

Oh! Oh! Also this is my 30th 5/5. I wanted it to be this one and am pleased I managed to swing it. A high quality milestone.