Over the Rainbow


Well I returned! Last visit I had one karabiner, one rope, no belay device, and an over-confident approach to Blake's Hitches...! THIS time I had a handful of slings, four biners, belay device, prusik loops, throwline, and throw bag. I was much happier with all this, although I'd suggest nylon rather than dyneema slings as they are more tolerant to sudden loads.

What a fantastic climb! I've been seeking out good tree caches in recent months, and this one is top of the bunch so far - and I've been up at fungimanforever's Arboreal Adventures in the midlands too. So far it's been mostly big conifers, which are great for height, but not so much for technical challenge. THIS one however has just that. You have to really plan the route and think hard throughout the exercise. No Just Climbing here!

Happily, the cache was just at the limit of my doubled rope so it was an easy rapelle and retrieve at the end. Climbing DOWN things is horrible!

Thanks for a tremendous cache and quite a challenging puzzle also. Thanks to rickardclan for the advice with THAT!