Golden Goal


Well this puzzle had me stumped for MONTHS. I just couldn't find the correct source of information without one of millions of cloned websites with Alan Hansen's gurning great mug grimacing at me. Then suddenly I googled EXACTLY what I wanted, and there it was! Piece of cake.

Then the retrieval. Well. I read all the previous logs and came properly prepared. Overalls, wellies, old walking boots, wetsuit, and towel. Seriously! I didn't know what to expect, see...?! I parked in the pub and made a quick reconnaissance visit to decide which of this kit was necessary, then just grabbed it without using anything!

No harm in being over prepared.

Second 5/5 of the day, along with Over the Rainbow, as so many have done before me. That's 22 now. I am pleased with my progress!

Thanks for an excellent puzzle and a VERY pleasing and fitting cache container.