Below Above - Multi 1



HOW rock hard are we? ROCK hard. THAT'S how hard. HARD.

As rock.

It's a loooooong way. But the happy little glowing signs are very encouraging when you find them. Lots and lots of historical thingummyjiggers to distract you from the route. Nothing too scary. Other than the conversation with inkpot monkey about what we would do if we found a stash of money. (Keep it... Leave it... Kill the other and take it all...etc.) Turns out it's ME with the sinister intent but having put it into her mind I couldn't shake the feeling of a malicious glint whenever I shone my torch into her face.

Another astonishingly fun cache. Thanks to BareClawz. I'm doing White Bird and Fallen Monarch tomorrow and may well return to this one too if I am not muddy enough.

And you can never be too muddy.