Below Above - Fallen Monarch


Well this was truly tremendous. After a rather pathetic start traipsing around the woodland looking for the correct entrance and finding another entrance twice, we elected to go for that instead. It does not look safe and I wouldn't recommend it, as the cache owner indeed stipulates, but, well, I'm a dick. Go figure.

We became misplaced on a couple of occasions, but it was trivial to reorient ourselves. Plenty of exciting historical artefacts to be found such as tools and hoof prints, old (and new) graffiti, and The Tremendous Crane. Will post pictures from home as they are locked into the half-decent camera at present. Hopefully they are ok as I really want a record of this excellent location.

I grew up around here and spent New Year's Eve every year of my childhood in the building opposite. I'd seen the tools on the wall and the photos on the wall, but never even knew where the mines were, let alone ventured inside. Completely brilliant.

Found easily with LobsterBoy for his second cache find. This was my final cache of the BareClawz Below Aboves (I think, unless I've missed something) and it's with a rather heavy heart that I will not be able to do these for the first time ever again....! Oh well. I'll just have to come back for fun and grab a church micro or two nearby....!

Thanks BareClawz. For accompanying me around the gargantuan Multi2, for bringing me back to my childhood haunts, for being incredibly supportive with the decodes, for the friendly advice, and for being an all round great bloke. I'm just sorry about Ermintrude...! I hope she gets better soon.