Westwardho's 'Walk The Plank'


Well this will get a fave once I accrue another one...!

The puzzle had me stumped until the updated hint set me on the correct path. Then a careful Google Earthing set me up for a first attempt with visitor friends who were HORRIFIED at the idiotic location for the cache ... Sadly on that occasion it appeared that the cache was missing, though now having seen the dimensions of it, and unless CO has two of these containers (?!) perhaps I missed it and he was too polite to say, having made the journey to check it out......!

Well first trip meant I could do it without the important retrieval item. So on this the second trip I took a different piece of equipment with me but - AUGH! - the tide, despite being right out, was significantly higher than last time. So I had to make the crossing with the wrong bit of gear. As usual the return trip was several orders of magnitude more terrifying than the initial journey. Why is that always the case...?

Log signed. Is slightly damp and a little mulchy at one end but it was retrievable and signable. Job done!

Thank you WestwardHo! for a puzzle that, as usual, I think I ought to have sussed the first time, and for an adventure that could easily have cost me mobility from the neck down. Still, signing little bits of paper is worth the risk.

Isn't it...?!