The Cave Troll's Other Lair


Well, that was freakin' MAGNIFICENT! Just the right level of uncertainty and heart pounding fear put this right at the perfect balance of enjoyment and terror for me. Delighted to have bought geocaching innocent Sam along too, who was told merely to wear walking boots and not, perhaps unfairly, that we were looking for a cache with the same difficulty and terrain rating as the International Space Station (I assume...?!) The approach to the lair...? Well... It was funny. And I very much owe Sam a new pair of tights.

The lair... very dramatic. I'm glad the cache wasn't LITERALLY as per the hint as I would have lost my nerve at that point...!

I note that CO found Honiton Supermarket Sweep No.3 today; a cache that has eluded me THREE TIMES. I'm not yet sure what I make of the fact that while I was entering the bowels of the Earth itself and nursing bloodied hands and friend, CO was easily picking up a cache that I manifestly somehow cannot find while no doubt breezily buying a sandwich.

Thanks for a truly splendiferous cache. Fav point undoubtedly.

Also - BATS! Please be aware when entering the lair.