A Year, Lost! - 365 days of caching!


I completed 366 days towards the end of last year, and the hardest part of it was not looking for a cache the next day! In fact, there is a cache near me called Do Not Find This Cache which had been taunting me during my 366 streak, so on day 367 I went and found it but didn't sign the log. I consider this a comprehensive win and a feat of superhuman self-control!

This cache is quite a drive from my base (Exeter) but was pointed out by HeartRadio who knew I was now on a quality rather than quantity streak and was collecting 5/5s.

Thanks for number 28! It was the easiest one I've had to grab, but that's good as I'm anticipating the T5 challenge near Bournemouth later on and suspect it will be somewhat harder.

Decent container too. Cheers..! Always a pleasant surprise.