Ha! So... This one I solved further back than I can even remember, and it just sat there on my 5//5 list saying "Come and get me...! I'm (sort of) on the way home from Northampton to Exeter ;O) and I'll be quick, honest! So I drove over, jumped out, kitted up, and walked along to GZ.

Except it wasn't. I'd snafu'd the coords so I was just stood on the towpath looking at a duck.

However... I saw a likely structure in the distance and having descended two other similar structures for caches this very day, I felt confident that my cacher's instinct would see me alright. And it did! Five minutes from arrival to departure - you've never seen a ninja operation like it.

Nice fat cache container, craftily secured.

And Tank was gone.

Thanks for a great cache in a nice location. Sorry I blew the coords. No idea what happened there.

Not me