The Caching Olympics Challenge - GOLD



I didn't know about this challenge, as I'd been overlooking it on the map, thinking it related to all those olympic rings in the sea....! However, I qualify! Yay! So here's the list, and next time I can justify the petrol from Devon I'll be there!


Please see the previous log for my proof.

A drive up from Exeter this morning to grab this one and Monkey's Colden 15. Never been here before and it's lovely isn't it?! Not that I was surprised or anything, just that, well, I was... It was unexpected...

A quick and easy find, inevitably. Dropped a TB in the box that wants to get back to Germany. Hopefully it won't sit here too long. No reason to think you need to qualify for this cache to just come and rescue a trackable...!

Thanks for the cache.