Umbrage! Issue! I'm taking both! So I found it. And it was great. Both locations were great. Never been to the cathedral before, and the final was just lovely - my kind of activity.


A - Definitely X more than you think it is! Look harder!
B - Agreed. Though a little nerve-wracking...!
C - Are you sure? I think it's Y less...
D - Definitely Z more than you think it is! Even if you round, as you can only round up in my opinion!
E - W more than you think it is, even if you discount the other digit...!
F - Ok.
G - Ok.
H - Ok!

Despite this, and to be honest with an amount of PAFfage, I think it's likely that over a cup of tea and with some common sense, the acquired values could be made to reflect the expected ones. My first coords were in the sea off of Padstow!

Thanks for the great cache. 5/5 #75. Took TB.

(Edited for W, X, Y, Z. Too cluey otherwise.)