Below Above - Don't Drink The Water


Fifth one of the day for me, and possibly the one that caused the most trouble since we were tired, and had failed to make sense of the route on the survey map before setting out, so had to rely on our flagging wits.

We bumped into Brian and had a good old chin-wag until realising we'd forgotten where we were in all the chat so had to ask him, and he good-naturedly reminded us and left us to it. He sort of appears like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben and disappears just as quickly after sprinkling his magic.

Another goodie. The article referred to at the end of the route info is no longer present. It had to be removed. And so only the symbol is the clue. However if you obey the rules in the instructions there are only a few places to search, and all within a couple of feet of you.

Thanks for a great weekend Mr Magpie.