? Kara n Keirons Upper Arley Loop, 5/5


Well that was very ace indeed. Thanks for the cache.

In fact I was up here quite a few months ago but could not find the cache in the end. I don't think I posted a DNF as I suspected it was more a reflection of my carelessness than a difficult hide or a missing cache.

THIS time it was lying right out in the open. I imagine CO will be able to guess where I found it as there is a natural settling point for a dislodged cache. I explored the obvious location from both directions but could not find a fixing that lent itself to a mini-karabiner on which to replace it. So the cache is now back in approximately the right area, and certainly in a place in keeping with the obvious spirit of the hide, but unless I was VERY lucky, it is not where it should be. It would probably benefit from investigation and fixing more securely, though I did a pretty good job I think.

Thanks for a great cache.