Up, Up You Go


Great cache.

I used to work around here for a bit and Leith Hill rang a huge bell, but I don't think I'd ever been up here before. A quick jog up from the carpark ;O) and a visit up the tower before remembering my camera (phone) was in the bottom of the River Mole thanks to Friday's shenanigans, and then I was strolling around with a cup of tea grabbing numbers.

One of the numbers was indistinct, and one of the numbers was, for me and my simple mind, impossible to find while following the instructions, so I did a Dirk Gently and followed people around instead before alighting on something that fitted the bill, and which yielded two numbers to my suspicious mind, so I made two coordinates and drew a line of probability between them. And off I drove.

Arriving at my preferred location was a treat because it fitted the description perfectly, but then I could not find the tree for love nor money.

So I read a lot of logs - and learned the lesson that while logs are often helpful, they are of course other people's experiences, so in no particular order my counter-experience was:

  1. It was not ~20m from the coordinates (for me)
  2. The cache was not visible from the path (for me)
  3. The tree was not free-climbable (for me)
  4. The cache was not notably high (for me)

So that didn't help! In the end I went to the most likely place near the arrow and looked VERY HARD until I spotted it. Then the challenge was to get up without relying unnecessarily on the many dead limbs. Do please look carefully where you choose to weight-bear!

None of which is supposed to demean this excellent cache in any way. I LOVED it, and recommend it. I was just amused at how the experiences of everyone else were so different to mine!

Thanks for the cache.