Where The Monsters Hide Extreme 5, Monsters Lair


So VERY smugly, the coords I derived from the hint took me closer than those I derived from the monster. I attribute this to my superior mapping skills, rather than inferior counting skills, obviously...!

This was my last of five 5/5's for the day. Needed to save some for my next trip up here...! The monster was interesting, and the cache location was pretty tremendous. I got the throwline exactly in place on throw one! This I consider to be a triumph considering the lack of limbs.... The first place I looked seemed to be an owl's dining room as there were bones and an interesting rodent skull in there. Not what I expected to put my hand on, but there you go. That's what eyes are for. So onwards and upwards, with a degree of uncertainty as I was sure it would be in the owl's house. No worries though, there it is. Quick sign and down again.

Pouring rain didn't dampen my spirits. Enjoyed this tremendously - thanks for the cache!